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What does a Chatbot do? Find out how to easily interact with your brand through stimulated conversations.


improve communication


improve customer service


generate more sales


build a deeper rapport with customers

Full access, no credit card required to start.

Change the way your brand interacts with your customers

Enrich your customer service programs with our AI-powered software acting as an information acquisition tool.

Customers can interact with chatbots to clarify common queries regarding your product / service and gain topic- related information.

Your business is closed at the moment?

Not a problem! Continue to stay in touch with your customers via automated chatbot.

Omnilinq chatbot will help you increase sales and build your customers relationship by providing them with useful information.

Chatbot is fully customizable to meet your business needs. Add links, action buttons and more!

– HOW TO –

build an Assistant chatbot within Omnilinq application

with simple drag-and-drop builder

Here’s a preview

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Communicate without limitations
and provide the best service you
can for your customers!


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Communicate without limitations
and provide the best service you
can for your customers!


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