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Communicate without limitations and provide the best service for your customers!

Connect with your customers wherever they are


sharing login credentials and switching tabs are all in the past


identify your clients most preferred channels


develop a strategy to engage and support your clients


deliver a consistent experience throughout the clients journey


Omnilinq CRM platform


Omnilinq CRM platform will help you manage the sales, direct marketing and improve customer support aspects of B2B and B2C engagement strategies

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Putting customers first

<creating a single experience across your brand>

Generating leads

Generate more leads & calls from you website and increase your business potential with personalized online experience and real-time support for your visitors.

Content is king

Steal visitor’s attention before they leave your website and boost their engagement along with your sales!

Attend to customer needs and encourage their interaction. Talk to visitors from one dashboard through channel they prefer.

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Connect the apps you use everyday to increase your productivity

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Our features will help you prioritize deals and predict revenue.
Keep your business growing and we will grow with you!

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As your customers and demands grow, so will our platform.

There is always more to come

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Communicate without limitations
and provide the best service you
can for your customers!


Naziv firme
Adresa, 10 000 Zagreb
mob: xxx xxxx xxx
email: kontakt@luyouma.com



O nama


Luyouma akademija


Sadržaj ove internetske stranice isključiva je odgovornost Sedam IT d.o.o.


Communicate without limitations
and provide the best service you
can for your customers!


Sedam IT d.o.o.
Koledovčina 2, 10 000 Zagreb
tel. +385 1 2353 777
email: omnilinq@sedamit.hr

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